Showcasing our book “The Power of Collaboration in Business” at ‘Business Over Coffee’ this morning


BOCI SHARE hosted by Carolyn Bendall on BOCI TV; President of Fashion Academy, Monthly contributor to The Commercial Appeal, BOCI Executive Council and collaborative author of “The Power Of Collaboration in Business.”

RELEASE published by BOCI and BOOK SIGNING will feature the following collaborative authors:

  1. Sherri Henley
  2. Shelley Baur
  3. Jana Cardona
  4. Jo Garner
  5. Carolyn Bendall
  6. Mary Singer
  7. Debra Norwood
  8. Terri Murphy
  9. Delmar Johnson

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BOCI SHARE is filmed in front of a live and virtual audience. First time guest are welcome at no costs.  Professional members attend free.  $10.00 entry fee for all others.

Please call our office with any questions you may have at 901.820.4469

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Top 5 Benefits of a Sustainability Audit

Why a Sustainability Audit?

A sustainability audit is a powerful tool.  A sustainability audit takes an inventory of all of the policies, procedures and practices of an organization and compares these to the best practices in their industry.  In essence, an audit is a gap analysis and a maturity analysis of the sustainability practices of an organization. It is meant to document ‘what you are doing’ and ‘to what extent’ across a wide range of sustainability categories.  Upon completion, an organization will have a sustainability baseline it can use to track progress going into the future.

What a Sustainability Audit is Not

A sustainability audit is not an exercise in counting carbon or tallying the financial implications of sustainability initiatives.  Nor is a sustainability audit an in-depth examination of any specific program of work.  However a sustainability audit should identify and help an organization prioritize these more specific sustainability management tasks. Continue reading