CRG Sustainable Solutions begins offering the QuickStart Sustainability Tool

Memphis, TN., – December 2, 2014 – CRG Sustainable Solutions begins offering the QuickStart sustainability tool. QuickStart provides businesses with exactly the information they need to know in order to either create a new sustainability program or to improve an existing one. The tool is able to achieve this in a fraction of the time and the cost of a long, expensive consulting engagement.

The QuickStart Process

The QuickStart process begins by conducting a sustainability audit. The sustainability audit provides a snapshot of all current sustainability policies, practices and procedures of an organization across over 20 different sustainability categories. The audit acts as both a ‘gap analysis’ (identifies what things are being done or not done) and a ‘maturity analysis’ (identifies to what extent efforts are being conducted).

Once the audit information has been submitted, a comprehensive Findings Report is prepared. The Findings Report provides grades for an organization’s sustainability performance across all of the sustainability categories. This is calculated by comparing current performance to industry best practices. The report lists specfic quick wins, recomendations and analysis for each category.

Finally, the tasks identified in your Findings Report are put into an Implementation Plan. The Implementation Plan includes all tasks, resource requirements and cost estimates. The plan can be based in either Microsoft Excel or Project. The plan is a ready-to-implement roadmap for improving the sustainability performance across an entire organization.

More information about QuickStart can be found at the CRGss website.


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